Ep 016 : The Phantom Editor - The re​-​editor of Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace

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Dean Mayes
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Dean Mayes Fantastic episode Steele. Was a bit concerned about the in - episode audio though. It was so quiet. Had to jack the volume way up.

Having listened to Mike, I had to locate a copy of the Phantom Edit and I was blown away by how much of an improvement it is.

One thing that stood out as one of the most brilliant pieces of Mike's editing is that he left the disagreement between Obi Wan & Qui Gonn over Anakin unresolved. It always annoyed me that Obi Wan acquiesced to Quick Gonn and apologized for his behaviour over Quick Gonn's disagreement with the Jedi Council. By removing that exchange, Qui Gonn dies without them resolving their disagreement. Thus, we can imagine that part of Obi Wan's grief for the death of his master includes regret that he never buried the hatchet with Quick Gonn on that score. It adds untold depth to Obi Wan's character which only becomes evident as you go ahead in the saga.

The other point I took away from the episode is your thoughts on why George might have "lost his way" as it were. I will argue til the day I die that the person who made Star Wars what it is was Marcia Lucas. She instilled the emotional core that George couldn't into those films and this is why I think they resonate to this day. Marcia Lucas was the one person who could kick George in the arse and tell him "What you're doing is shit. You need to do this!" That he never had that fearless critique on the prequels is why, I think, they fell flat.


When film editor Mike J. Nichols passed on his VHS re-edit of The Phantom Menace to a Hollywood friend, he had no idea it would lead to the him being the target of the biggest real life bounty hunt in Star Wars history.

The man behind the The Phantom Edit opens up about his love of Star Wars, the toll the publicity around the edit took on him. Plus his thoughts on ep7 and his interactions with J.J. Abrams.


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