From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine - Ep005 - 15th Oct 2015

by Steele Wars

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Over 70 minutes of supporter exclusive Star Wars news and opinion.

This week on From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine…

- Midnight screening ticket update. Plus artist announcement for the commemorative t-shirt & poster.

- Upcoming Force Awakens trailer release and the Korean teaser during the AFL Grand Final

- Initial thoughts on the Star Wars Aftermath novel and a rant on how the mistakes of the Legends EU are being repeated in the new canon.

Plus listener questions answered including…

- The Kenner figure Steele would save from a fire?

- What are the silliest Star Wars tie-in products?

- What is Steele’s recurring Star Wars dream?

- What do you make Ezra grows up to be Kylo Ren theory?

- Which hero who would be a good villain?

- Favourite non-Luke Jedi?

- Favourite prequel?

- People Steele would like to talk Star Wars with.

- Does R2-D2 get enough love?


released October 16, 2015
Theme music - Paul Dempsey
Cover photoshop - Reid Parker
Show notes - Catherine Kneen



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