From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine - Ep008 - 2nd Jan 2016

by Steele Wars

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On this supporter exclusive episode of From A Certain Point Of View Namely Main we answer you’re The Force Awakens questions including:

- Rey’s vision and the voices heard.
- Who is Lor San Tekka?
- Who is Rey related to?
- Was Kylo named after Ben Kenobi?
- What “ate” the TIE fighter?
- Will Han Solo return as a ghost? Is he really dead?
- Was Captain Phasma overhyped?
- Favourite new characters?
- What will Luke do in episode 8?
- Was it Yoda & Obi Wan’s voices in The Force Awakens?
- Will Leia turn to the Darkside?
- Is there are Snoke / Darth Plagueis connection?
- Are there other Jedi’s hiding in the galaxy?
- Was Max Von Sydow wasted?
- What’s with those Knights Of Ren?
- Did you see R2-KT in the film?
- Is ET in The Force Awakens?
- How are you dealing with Han?
- Why did Poe leave Jakku without BB8?
- Why did Rey take BB8 from the other scavenger?
- Is their hand holding symbolism?

Plus a whole lot more!


released January 2, 2016



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