From A Certain Point Of View, Namely Mine - Ep009 - 14th Jan 2016

by Steele Wars

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On this supporter exclusive episode of From A Certain Point Of View Namely Main we answer EVEN MORE of you’re The Force Awakens questions and talking points including:

- If Finn was in sanitation why is he on a mission?
- Is The Force Awakens in my top 4 Star Wars movies?
- What will Finn & Poe do in the next film?
- Do George Lucas’ comments change how you view him?
- Will the entire trilogy be that as funny as The Force Awakens?
- Goose bump moments in The Force Awakens.
- Predictions for Snoke in ep’s 8 & 9.
- A Rey moment a lot of people missed.
- Does Rey’s x-wing pilot doll mean anything?
- What media will fill in the gap between episodes 6 & 7?
- What tie in media is worth checking out?

Plus opinion about recent news and a whole lot more!


released January 14, 2016



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