Live Call In Show - Ep 6 : Jason Ward of MakingStarWars​.​net - Listener calls on the Rogue One trailer BONUS SHOW

by Steele Wars

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Jason Ward from joins us to talk the Rogue One trailer and take your calls on…

- Rogue One trailer pros and cons.

- What major visual reveal has Jason Ward worried?

- Rating Vader’s trailer appearances.

- What planet is being destroyed in the trailer and what is the cause?

- Rob the lawyer is back and he’s targeting Rebel Fleet Troopers and is putting Princess Leia’s mission into question.

- Interesting details on Darth Vader’s Rogue One stunt suit.

- We also try to come to terms with the potential death of Mendo and contemplate the who, why and when of this tragedy.


- Has a big previous Rogue One mystery been solved?

- Is the Planet X reference in production notes an in-universe reference or a behind the scenes code word for the Death Star?

- The baffling nature of early Star Wars scripts and the unsung couple that gave it some more humour and heart.

- A relieving trailer reveal about Jyn Erso.

- Is Mads Mikkelsen working for

- Do the Rogue One flashbacks means that there were Death Troopers during the Clone Wars?

- An intriguing Death Trooper theory.

- Have Midichlorians been misinterpreted

- Could Rey be another virgin birth? Would this be a good idea?

- Is there coloration between Kyber crystals and Jedi temples?

And so much more!




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