Live Call In Show - Ep 8 : Amanda Ward of MakingStarWars​.​net & Rebel Grrrl - Listeners calls on Halloween, raising Star Wars kids & much more ADVERT FREE

by Steele Wars

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Amanda Ward of and the Rebel Grrrl podcast joins us to discuss...

- Steele's first U.S. Halloween.

- Amanda's children's Trick or Treating experience.

- Amanda's appearance in a New York Times article on women in fandom and the fandom's reaction.

- The current climate of Star Wars fandom on social media and how having an opinion may lose you some followers.

- How to choose the right Star Wars media for children.

- What is more terrifying: Yoda's "You will be..." line at the cave or the sound of Ewoks blinking?

- The return of Lawyer Rob from New Jersey.


- The alternate draft of the Star Wars script when Jedi were Dianogas.

- Spoilers and children and what order they should watch the films.

- How to keep kids on Star Wars and is that selfish?

- Dash Rendar, Shadows of the Empire and the old Expanded Universe.

- The possibility of another EU reboot.

- Bloodline, Lost Stars and the new Star Wars canon.

- New villains in every Star Wars film and whether or not you need to read the spoiler forums to understand who they are.

- Reproduction in a galaxy far, far away.

- Why the Empire really needed cell phones.

- An Obi-Wan spinoff story, do we need it?


released November 11, 2016



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