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Matt Diegan
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Matt Diegan Hey Steele - adding a question for your next Questions episode. How do you feel about the re-shoots for rogue one? Do you think the studio will get it right or perhaps over work what could be a unique Star Wars movie?
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MinasARTOFWAR Great episode. My missing Facebook question was along the lines of are you bored yet by everyone whinging about Phasma having a small role? She's my favourite character in the new film. I missed most of the lead-up which might be relevant.
Cheers, Andrew
Danny Radford
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Danny Radford Hey Steele, I enjoy Rebels and I accept it for what it is - a kids cartoon with sprinkles of really cool star warsy stuff. I'm also slowly making my way through The Clone Wars which has some good bits too. These shows have introduced me to Dave Filoni. I really dig hearing interviews with him and love his passion and knowledge. Would you like to see him get an opportunity to direct a live action Star Wars movie? Cheers (Krafty Karacters)


We tackle...

- What's my strategy on Episode 8 spoilers.
- Is it possible Rey came to Jakku on the Falcon?
- Was the production design on The Force Awakens too safe?
- The lack of creatures in the Rogue One teaser.
- Rogue One musical score.
- RIck McCallum thoughts.
- Will Steele Wars do a audio commentary.

& way more 54min of Star Wars talk exclusively for Steele Wars supporters!


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