Questions You Have? Answers I give. Ep006

by Steele Wars

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Eric Strothers
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Eric Strothers When I was listening to this episode I had a revelation of sorts regarding Obi-Wan not remembering R2-D2 in A New Hope. This might seem over the top, but go with me on this:

Have you ever had that moment where your wife is at one of your gigs and after the show a girl you used to hook up with before you were even with your wife comes up to the two of you and starts chatting? It's like that. Obi-Wan is freaking out inside, thinking, "Oh balls. Alright Kenobi, be cool. BE COOL. Maybe he won't even say anything." And when he thinks Luke can't see him he's making the huge eyes at R2 and giving the imperceptible head shake and trying to send mental messages to him like, "Don't mention his mom, don't mention his mom. Or his dad, you little blue butthole. Or his sister."

It explains everything.

AND... (I need to get a life)

Princess Leia says she remembers her mom in ROTJ. I always took that to mean her adopted mom, not knowing she was adopted. But yeah.
Dean Mayes
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Dean Mayes Hey Steele,

Really loved listening to the latest qu. and a. show and got a buzz from listening to you recount your trips to Melbourne back in the day, which sounded really similar to my own.

I have both a comment and a question for you, for the next show if you can find space for it.

I used to travel to Melbourne from Gippsland in the early 90's to have chemotherapy at the Children's and each time, I'd stop by my regular shops including Minotaur and (what I think was) Silver K Fine Arts in Elizabeth Street. For years, Silver K had an original framed cel from the old Droids cartoon series and it consisted basically of R2's leg and 3PO's arm on a desert background. That was it - and I wanted it soooo bad. I think, back then, it was priced at around $800aud and I never had a chance in hell of affording it but everytime I had the chance, I'd go into that shop and just stare at it.

Listening to you talking about the must do places to visit for anyone travelling to California, I wondered if you and Jooklin have ever partaken of a meal at Ben (son of Harrison) Ford's "Ford Filling Station" in Culver City. I don't know exactly how convenient it is on the trail of must do 'Star Wars' places (or how relevant it is) but it crossed my mind anyway.

Thanks for all that you do in service to the Force Steele and May That Force Be With You.


Dean (from Adelaide).
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We tackle...

- Best and worst collecting moments?

- Best and worst fan interactions.

- Least favourite parts of Star Wars?

- Why did Lucasfilm release Rogue One as a standalone film before a original trilogy character film?

- Star Wars sightseeing in San Francisco.

& way more 55min of Star Wars talk exclusively for Steele Wars supporters!


released September 9, 2016



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